Wednesday, August 18, 2010

KRNGY 018 - Sticky Antlers, "Self Titled"

Artist:             Sticky Antlers "Self Titled" 
Album:           Self Titled 
Released:     2008
Format          CD, Digital Download

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For our download fans! Although not all the KRNGY albums are available for download some are, and this is one of them! Price is listed on the site - download at:

Download Sticky Antlers Debut Album

Sticky Antlers were always bound to stick out like a bleeding corpse at a gospel tent revival and they definitely do not give you more of the same. Emerging from the dismal grayness of Pretoria with a “haunting, sometimes hysterical sound” (Fred de Vries, review in Weekender Dec 13-14 2008), the music is fuelled by human ignorance, feverish nightmares, auditory hallucinations, befriending insects, ecstatic love, apocalyptic visions and daytime TV gibberish. Although the group uses a very traditional setup of drums, bass and guitars they still manage to elude easy definition, one can only describe the diverse and intense sounds as energetic, tense, noisy, beautiful, spontaneous, and unpredictable. Incorporating tribal chants, sonic freak-outs and motorik beats driven into a frenzied almost trance-like state, Sticky Antlers offers the audience something altogether different and much more unusual.


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