Thursday, August 19, 2010

KRNGY 024 - Sticky Antlers, 'Tupperware Tombstone'

Artist: Sticky Antlers
Album: Tupperware Tombstone
Released: 2010
Format: CD, DVD, Digital Download

Tupperware Tombstone was released in a limited edition of 75 copies each including a two hour DVD with live shows, tour footage and music videos.

Release date: 26 August 2010

PRICE: R120.00 (ZAR)

CD and DVD limited edition 

R70 (ZAR)

Price does not include shipping and tracking fees, prices vary for international and local orders depending on weight, size and value. Email for orders and final price. 

At the time being there are no copies in print of the CD and DVD edition, however we are making the last 25 in the series at the end of 2014 so keep a look out for release details!


For our download fans! Although not all the KRNGY albums are available for download some are, and this is one of them! Price is listed on the site - download at:


Sticky Antlers were brought together through a contradictory love of music ranging from noise, pop, rock, everything in-between and outside. They originally started of as a low-fi noise improvisations band, creating sounds with anything they could lay their hands on, and recording two CD’r albums, brought out in very limited editions on theKRNGY logo. Andreas (guitar and backing vox) and Martinique (bass, tambourine, toys and vox) had previously played in other bands but both Damon(guitar, drums and tambourine) and Jaco(drums) were completely new to their instruments (with no musical training at all) and the first Sticky Antlers live shows were based completely around uninhibited improvisations. However, the band could not sit still and soon more structured songs were written (many of which remain up to date unreleased) and their first multi track self-titled album was recorded in the winter of 2008 and released later that year.
Recent news on the Sticky Antlers has been both sad and ecstatic, they are releasing Tupperware Tombstone on the 26 August 2010 at the Bohemian inJohannesburg, first 75 copies include a limited DVD, but this is also one of their last shows. Damon has been accepted toCambridge and the others say it just wont be the same to carry on without him. At least they aren’t leaving us empty handed!

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