Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Idle hands are the Devil's playthings, so at KRNGY we are always aiming to broaden our amazing arsenal of products. The KRNGY catalogue ranges from local music CDR's to CD's, Shirts, Silkscreens, Badges, Voodoo Dolls, Slime-Oh-Saurs, Comics, Art, Vinyl, Tape and even hand made chocolates (and a lot of other things in between). Most of our products come out as limited editions and even though the prices are kept low the quality is always high.

Although I can't remember the exact dates we started the label somewhere around 2006, mostly as an excuse to release home recorded projects and host underground shows, but as we received more and more support over the years, and people seemed to love what we were selling, the label has grown and today we have had over 40 releases, we finally have online download links (a big thing for us), and we are making more merchandise then ever before.

We both have a lot on our plates, we do video work and we are both involved in very active bands, so we aren't always online as much as we would like to be, and we don't necessarily keep our blogs and twitters as updated as they should be, however no matter how quiet we may seem, you can be sure that we are always busy with something new and special just for you.

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